Breathing Exercises 7 Major Chakras

Breathing exercises 7 major chakras - Chakra is the gateway for entry of energy into the universe of energy in the human body and the opposite be the gateway of the human body release energy back into the universe. Energy without physical human body would not exist. Therefore chakra on everyone always work though it has not received the attunement.

Because the chakras function as entry and exit gates of the energy of the universe, i.e. the energy necessary for human life should chakras were functioning properly. If there are blockaded chakras or experiencing blockage, reduced rotational motion the chakra of normal, the physical organs such as the endocrine glands associated with the chakra will experience pain. It should be understood that the chakra is associated with specific body parts of the human body.

So important to the operation of the chakras to rotate properly, quickly, and harmony, it is necessary to exercise cleanse of Chakra, self-healing and maintain the behavior of our deeds to good deeds. Only those who have the ability of clairvoyance that can see chakra in his body and chakras in the body of another person. In order Chakra to develop properly and can muster the energy, in particular the major chakras, the crown chakra, ajna, visudi, anahata (heart chakra), solar FLEXUS, sex and mooladara chakra (base chakra), then necessary breathing exercises 7 chakras that useful for refreshing and healthy body.

While respiratory measures 7 main chakras are as follows:

  1. Relaxed sitting position, relaxed and smile.
  2. Breathing through the nose.
  3. Focus your mind only on the crown chakra (the fontanel) and feel the sensation in this chakra.
  4. Inhale deeply through your nose (count 1 to 8) slowly then hold the breath in the chest (count 1 to 8) and exhale hiss of breath through the mouth in a matter of 1-8 counts anyway.
  5. Perform the above steps for each of the 3 cycles of the major chakras.
  6. Next to the other main Charka. After completion of the 7 main chakras and then continue with the 7 main chakras at once in one cycle simultaneously.

The location of the seven chakras please read 7 Chakras of Major


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